When working on a computer, the main fear is Data Recovery Services loss. It is possible with the manipulation of the user himself or with mechanical damage to the hard drive, where they are stored. If the hard drive is broken, Data Recovery Services is required: download the program or take it to the company, it’s up to you to decide.

Most often , information recovery is possible with the use of the necessary tools. You can also recover data on ” flash drives “, CDs and DVDs, memory cards, magnetic tapes, RAID arrays and other drives.

How to recover data: download the program and do it yourself :

Information recovery can be carried out independently using special software or you can seek help from a company that provides the necessary services. Recovery software costs an order of magnitude cheaper, but does not always bring the desired or any result at all, so before choosing a solution to a problem, you need to understand it well.

The main questions that we ask ourselves in such a difficult situation: software or service? How to choose the right software, if this is enough? How to choose a data recovery service, if necessary?

Data Recovery Services

Most users prefer the recovery process with programs that can do it cheaply and quickly. But this approach is only appropriate if the data was lost due to accidental user manipulation or a virus attack, or through other reasons for the logical loss of information, that is, not related to the hardware of the device . 

If the loss of data was provoked by mechanical damage to the hard drive, then it is impossible to restore them using programs, moreover, this only leads to a worsening of the situation with the disk. The hard drive has no information that it has mechanical problems, and it will try to do some operations and harm itself more and more.

What data recovery programs are dangerous for your PC?

One of the most unsafe programs in this situation is HDD Regenerator . She tries multiple requests to force the hard drive to designate damaged areas as problematic and redirect. This program encourages the disk to ” remap ” random “Bad blocks”, but if the disk head is on the verge of failure, then such repeated access will simply complete the entire robot to finish off the damaged area. After such torture, you need to open the disk and you can no longer cope without specialists.

In general, in case of mechanical damage to your hard drive, the best and only option is to use the services of a specialized service. The process of Linkedin data recovery takes place only after finding out the causes of the breakdown, which is carried out by specialists in a prepared clean room, where you can safely open the hermetic block of the hard drive and perform all operations with it.