Do you now understand how dubious Data Recovery rescuers achieve a success rate of 90% + and why we have been warning about this for years? If the recovered data is damaged, then this is still a success and the customer will be obligated to pay even though he will not be able to use the data. Such a definition is anti-consumer per-se.

If you have read through this far, then you should be aware that there are not only major differences between the individual providers with regard to the design of the general terms and conditions, but also in the type of philosophy, company management and technical equipment. 

Each of the rescue companies named above is known for high quality standards, state-of-the-art equipment and transparent and customer-friendly clauses. A best price guarantee does not help if the customer submits to questionable clauses in the general terms and conditions of a questionable provider.

Data Recovery

A restriction on the duration of the data recovery within the terms and conditions can often be found wherever it is advertised on the websites or the impression is given that any type of data loss can be solved within 24 to 48 hours. This is of course nonsense, because there are many different factors which have a direct influence on the duration of the data recovery. 

The storage capacity of the Facebook data carrier, the type and severity of the defect, the type of data to be saved, etc. should be mentioned here.

Basically, reputable providers do not promise you anything and inform you transparently and comprehensively about the exact costs of data recovery (costs of data recovery + spare parts + target data carrier). You inform and formulate objectively and avoid any kind of with regard to the expectations of your customers such as: “Yes, we can save in any case, feel free to send it in”.