Linux is an operating system that is quickly gaining popularity in the world today. With this in mind, software developers are always coming up with new programs for Linux users. As this is the case, it is not hard to find an application or program that you can use on your Linux computer. One example is data recovery from Linux. If this is your problem, you will be happy to know that there are many Linux based data recovery tools.

The good thing about most of these tools is that they will allow you to put them on a bootable CD / DVD or thumb drive. The whole tool suite is self-contained as it runs independently of the target PC’s software. The self-containment will allow you to work on the task at hand without giving you concerns such as corrupted software or viruses on the host machine. If you are looking for software that you can use for data recovery, it may be helpful to have a few listed and information on how they work. The following is a list of some of the proven software that are effective in doing data recovery from Linux.


SystemRescueCD can be defined as a tool suite that is Linux-based. It is available as a bootable thumb drive or from a live CD. The tool suite is not only for Linux as it can also recover Windows installations. It is a great programs as it has an extensive amount of data recovery tools as well as partition tools for the hard drive. Additionally, it also has a number of diagnostic tools for the system and other general tools that include network support. One of the unique and great features of the SystemRescueCD is the version it has developed for the visually impaired.

Trinity rescue kit

This is mainly a general purpose recovery suite that is based on the Mandrinya Linux distribution. Trinity rescue kit can be used over a network from PXE, a bootable hard drive or thumb drive, or a Live CD. The software has many tools you can use to fix a broken windows installation that includes removal of rootkits, malware and viruses. The suite also has partition and data recovery tools. It can effectively recover both windows and Linux based operating systems.


Knoppix can be defined as a full-blown Linux distribution that is Debian based. The package is available as a Live DVD or CD. While it may not have some of the tools common with other data recovery software, it still contains the standard network tools, security tools, maintenance tools, and partition recovery and data recovery tools. Its ability to recover both Linux and Windows problems makes Knoppix popular as a result of its tool set. It is also user friendly to beginners.

One thing about this STD

platform is that it is based on the Knoppix distribution. STD is provided as a very technical and highly sophisticated software security tool suite which is available as a Live CD. The fact is that the package is actually more than security tools. It contains practically any software a Linux user may need. STD also includes some forensic-quality data recovery programs / tools. This particular package is recommended for very experienced Linux users or computer technicians who are familiar with the Linux environment.