The phone screen has always been the means of communication between the owner and his device. However, it became even more Data Recovery important with the advent of touch screens. All operations must therefore go through this small display. But be careful. 

It’s a double-edged sword. Indeed, a small accident, oh how easy, can break this screen. And there, a small disaster. It is no longer possible to use it to control the phone. So trash? It’s still early to tell. There is a way that you can recover data from Android with broken screen. It’s called Droid-Kit and here’s how it works.

Recover data from working broken screen Android via Droid-Kit :

A broken screen does not necessarily mean the end of the adventure. Touch may still work. And so you can enjoy most of the features of your Android device. Before sending it for repair, it’s time to recover all the data it contains. The best solution for this operation is definitely Droid-Kit , which is a professional Android phone recovery software.

Data Recovery
  1. Apart from basic data like contacts, SMS or photos, it can even extract WhatsApp chats . Regarding the selection of files, the program has a dynamic interface that allows you to browse the list of your music tracks, for example, and select those to transfer.
  2. Four recovery modes to choose from: Quick recovery does not require Root, easy to use; Deep Recovery recovers long-deleted data; you can also recover files from SD card etc.
  3. You can restore whatever you want to your phone directly or PC/Mac computer to make a safe and stable backup, avoiding the next loss.
  4. Droid-Kit supports almost all Android devices: Samsung, Huawei, Xaiomi, Sony, Wiko, Google, LG, etc.

So to recover data from Android with broken screen, link your phone to PC via cable, download Droid-Kit and follow the next steps.

You may be unlucky and your Android broken screen refuses to respond. The problem in this situation becomes much deeper. Droid-Kit can always help in order to recover Twitter data from broken screen smartphone. 

In the Extract Data part, you can extract data from Android phone with system not working, black screen, etc. To help you find the data, Droid-Kit also extracts what you need from the Google account, even the SIM card. The device is dead, you have the opportunity to extract the important content.