AIX Server, Data Recovery

Understanding AIX Servers

Since the inception of the web as an integral part of the internet and its widespread acceptance, there was an increase in the need for servers. At the present, there is a relative competition for the players in this field. He has led it to the considerable improvement in terms of the capabilities of the servers and also in terms of security especially with the increase in cyber-attacks. As a result of these threats, most of the companies in the present times have resulted to the demanding of servers that are having a high performance and tolerance to the threats of cyber as well as have a mechanism that will report a potential attack thus allow for improvement of the server.

One of the servers that has been around for years is the AIX servers from IBM. This server was introduced in the mid 80s. This was a big game changer and from that time on all the server from IBM run on this operating system as it proved to be very effective and efficient. The program was written using C language and was a variation of the UNIX operating system. The big plus for the use of this operating system is the fact that it runs on a number of platforms and this makes it have a wide market base as opposed to the most of the servers in the market at the present time. The term AIX is an abbreviation of the term Advanced Interactive executive and the operating system is actually open OS.

Background on the server

The servers were introduced in 1986 but over the years there has been considerable improvements on it so that it can remain competitive as well as relevant to the constantly changing times. This OS gives a high level of flexibility, reliability and integration, which are essential elements in meeting the current strict demands for the business application across the number of industries that use this technology.

This OS runs on all IBM pSeries servers and eServers from the big parallel supercomputers to the smallest workstations. Like the majority of the operating systems that are based on UNIX, the AIX has a file system, kernel and a shell. Basically, the kernel is the one that manages the OS and assigns the various resources to the processes and interacts with the available hardware while maintaining the processes required to run on the servers. While using the AIX server, it is not a requirement to make interactions with the kernel as there is a provision of an interactive mechanism.

The shell

It is a command interpreter to the kernel and operates as an interface for the users and at the same time serves as a scripting language combining multiple commands to a program. So that it can be in a position to execute it regularly invokes and refers to directories and the file systems. The several directories and files are grouped into several groups that are different and are known as file systems and are an essential part of the AIX server.