I Lost My Hard Drive – Do I Need Data Recovery Experts?

Many people who have experienced a lost or damaged hard drive often ask whether they should attempt to make the fix themselves rather than seeking data recovery experts. If asking whether to consult the experts first, the best answer is a resounding “Yes.”

data recovery expertsEven for the tech-savvy person, attempting data recovery is not as simple as trying to unclog a drain. Data experts should be consulted before trying to make the fix. In many cases, attempting to make the fix on one’s own can make the problem much worse. A wrong move in the data recovery process can permanently delete data, losing crucial personal files forever.

When data is lost due to accidental formatting, hard drive malfunction, or physical damage, certified experts can provide the tools and knowledge needed for clean recovery. This extensive knowledge needed to navigate the complex arena of data recovery is not accessible to the average technology user.

Data recovery experts use the same advanced techniques used in computer forensics to implement the data recovery strategies use recover priceless personal data. Lab methodologies include logical recovery techniques, which restore data from hard drives which are not physically damaged but include corrupted boot records or data; and physical recovery techniques, which recover data from physically damaged hard drives.

In order to perform application recovery, it takes a team of professionals to assess the cause and extent of the damage and implement a safe and workable solution for recovery. Experts can retrieve personal, financial, and business files after a hard drive crash. What was once lost can be quickly recovered from laptops, personal computers, tablets, hard drives, solid state drives (SSDs), and or any personal device that has a form of storage media.

Although this is an age when people claim to become experts with the click of a mouse, victims of data loss should instead find certified data recovery experts for a true solution. Data recovery is one instance where people should really let the experts do their job.

The Training Required To Become A Computer Forensic Specialist

With the increase in the use of computers, there is a threat of crimes happening in this field. To curb this, there is a need for computer forensic specialists. These are individuals who are charged with the responsibility of detecting the crimes, identifying the bad guys and potentially curbing the menace before it gets out of hand.

In the present days, the majority of the companies are hiring these specialists so that they can constantly monitor the system from within in an attempt to deter the occurrence of a cyber-attack and also correct any mess that might have occurred in the process. This is a proactive approach and is actually the one recommended for the industries where data security is something of great concern. Having such a specialist on site has also proven to very ideal considering the facts that they have all the attention towards the company and therefore in one way or the other, the security of the data in an institution is bound to improve greatly.

The Training Required To Become A Computer Forensic Specialist

Training required

For someone who may be eying to become a Computer Forensic Specialist, this is a very prestigious profession and rigorous training is needed. The training procedure cuts across several fields to make sure that the specialist is well versed and at the same time ensure that the trainee is all rounded and can examine the majority of the areas needed. Some of the areas that one goes through while undergoing training in this field are;

  • Computer science

As a matter of fact this should be a preliminary course before becoming a forensic specialist. However, the majority of the institution of the present times says that this is not a necessity and what they do is to give the basics to the people who may be lacking in this area. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side and to make sure that you grasp the concepts, it is recommended that one have the elementary basics of computer science.

  • Law enforcement

This is an important aspect counting that the major role of these specialists is to ensure law and order in the majority of the areas. Therefore, the people training to become Computer Forensic Specialist there is needed to understand the basics of law enforcement, which in some cases would involve presenting evidence in a court of law. Due to this they need to be well versed with the law so as not to make mistakes in the cases they will be providing evidence to. In some other cases they may appear as expert witnesses and they need to carry themselves in a manner to show they have an understanding of the law.

  • Forensics

This is a very important training that one needs to undertake. It involves the mechanisms through which you can use to retrieve the information that you need and at the same time how to handle materials and the evidence. This is crucial especially in a case because if the materials and evidence are wrongly handled, there are chances that they will not be admissible in a court of law.

Who Performs Lacie Hard Drive Recovery?

For the people using Mac systems, having Lacie Hard Drive Recovery done is at times necessary, especially in the event that there is a failure of the hard drive. This is because the majority of the of the Mac systems uses this type of hard disk for storage of the data. This requires that one look for specialized personnel and software to cater for this type of data recovery process. This is an important element for all computer systems users across all platforms.

When it comes to Lacie Hard Drive Recovery, it is essential to make use of a dedicated service provider as well as programs so that you can ensure that you get all the data back as quickly as possible. This is an essential measure given that data loss still remains to be the scariest thing that ever data owner is concerned about. However, due to the agility of the Mac system, there is relative security of data by the use of high end equipment and the software’s that are manufacturer recommended. Nevertheless, accidents happen and they may fail from time to time. To correct this one needs to look for a data recovery service provider.

Getting help

In the case of eventuality with a Lucie hard drive, there are several levels of help and people who can correct the error. The person to perform these adjustments are decided upon by a number of factors they include;

  • The level of damage

In the event that the disk is damaged, the extent to which is damaged is key in determining the kind of specialist who will be charged with the responsibility of bringing it back or to at least retrieve the data. In the case that the damage is just on the outside of the drive and the integrity of the storage is not compromised and it is still viewable by the computer, a simple transfer to an external storage and then replace the drive is possible. However, in the case that the drive is not viewable by the system and has suffered considerable damage, an expert is needed.

  • Sensitivity of the data

As a basic rule, the more the sensitive the data is, the higher the professionalism is needed to handle. This is to prevent a potential loss of data or leaking to where it was not meant to go and thus affect the integrity of an organization. The sensitive data also need to be prevented from loss by all means and thus an armature cannot be entrusted with running it.

  • When data was lost

In the case that the hard drive was not lost and is actually functioning just fine, but the data was deleted – either maliciously or accidentally – the duration that has lapsed and the number and intensity of the activities during that time matters. This is because the data may have been heavily over phased by the current activities and thus there would be need of more sophisticated software’s and expertise to do a Lacie Hard Drive Recovery effectively.

What Causes A Clicking Hard Drive?

When it comes to the integrity of a data and its safety, this is a matter of great concern from the basic user to the high end corporate world. One of the signs of a risk in the integrity of the data and the hard drive itself is the presence of a clicking hard drive. There are several possible causes to this menace, but the good news is that they can be corrected with relatively ease which in the most cases is a replacement. However, this should be done before the mess occurs which will make it essential for one look for the services of an expert so that the data can be recovered in the event it fails before a backup   is done.

What Causes A Clicking Hard Drive

Causes of this menace

There are a number of factors that can make a hard disk to make a clicking hard drive sound. Most of them are associated with the use of faulty, but they can be as a result of a dying drive and those may be the actual kicks of death. Therefore, before one rushes into making conclusions it is advised that one make the necessary confirmation before jumping into conclusions. Some of the reasons that can result to this form of a disorder are;


  • Click of death

This is a sound that is associated with the signs of a drive that is about to crash or fail. The sound is as a result of the drive heads getting into contact with the internal head stop. This is a fatal sign and thus the name. The name emerged in the late 90s as a result of the then drives that used to make sharp sounds when they were about to fail and the name stuck to the present times, though there has been a considerable improvement in technology of the drives and at the same time increased volumes.

  • Faulty connection

Especially common among the external drives, if the cable connection is faulty, there may be the presence of these sounds. This can be easily corrected by redoing the connection and if the cables are completely destroyed, a replacement can be done. This type of clicking hard drive issue is not very consequential as the remedy is easily available without the use of an expert, but the correction needs to be done ASAP to avoid it actually ruining the drive for instance through short circuiting of the drive.

  • The position of the drive

At normal circumstances, the drive needs to be on a level surface, when this is not the case, there may be occurrence of those sounds as the drive struggles to perform. Though this is not actually a catastrophic event, it may result in one if the drive is left in this position for a long time.

  • Highly fragmented drive

In the event the drive is heavily fragmented, there can be an occurrence of these sound. This is because the drive could be being overworked to get access to the different segments. To correct this mess, one can defragment the drive which will also increase performance of the system.

Understanding AIX Servers

Since the inception of the web as an integral part of the internet and its widespread acceptance, there was an increase in the need for servers. At the present, there is a relative competition for the players in this field. He has led it to the considerable improvement in terms of the capabilities of the servers and also in terms of security especially with the increase in cyber-attacks. As a result of these threats, most of the companies in the present times have resulted to the demanding of servers that are having a high performance and tolerance to the threats of cyber as well as have a mechanism that will report a potential attack thus allow for improvement of the server.

Understanding AIX Servers 1

One of the servers that has been around for years is the AIX servers from IBM. This server was introduced in the mid 80s. This was a big game changer and from that time on all the server from IBM run on this operating system as it proved to be very effective and efficient. The program was written using C language and was a variation of the UNIX operating system. The big plus for the use of this operating system is the fact that it runs on a number of platforms and this makes it have a wide market base as opposed to the most of the servers in the market at the present time. The term AIX is an abbreviation of the term Advanced Interactive executive and the operating system is actually open OS.

Background on the server

The servers were introduced in 1986 but over the years there has been considerable improvements on it so that it can remain competitive as well as relevant to the constantly changing times. This OS gives a high level of flexibility, reliability and integration, which are essential elements in meeting the current strict demands for the business application across the number of industries that use this technology.

This OS runs on all IBM pSeries servers and eServers from the big parallel supercomputers to the smallest workstations. Like the majority of the operating systems that are based on UNIX, the AIX has a file system, kernel and a shell. Basically, the kernel is the one that manages the OS and assigns the various resources to the processes and interacts with the available hardware while maintaining the processes required to run on the servers. While using the AIX server, it is not a requirement to make interactions with the kernel as there is a provision of an interactive mechanism.

The shell

It is a command interpreter to the kernel and operates as an interface for the users and at the same time serves as a scripting language combining multiple commands to a program. So that it can be in a position to execute it regularly invokes and refers to directories and the file systems. The several directories and files are grouped into several groups that are different and are known as file systems and are an essential part of the AIX server.